You know, doing tests like those from your so called doctors will not benefit you, you require social isolation and a chamber to be properly checked out Why are you narcissistic? Is it that you dont have enough wet pussy in your life? Is it that you have too much pent up anger inside? Personally, if I was you I would go and call an agency, get them to take you for examinations so we can prevent more people like you being out there in the world Accept it, you arent worthy of rights, of living a life, of having friends and going to school You need to be destroyed for the safety of our future children Now dont get me wrong, I know you love your family and they just tolerate you, but do it, go and get help kiddo The anon was right, its just impossible for the right minded people to live happily whilst people like you are around I hope you get cured soon, I imagine you would be a nice person if it wasn’t for all of these issues you have People just tolerate you, they don’t really want you around them, they don’t want you there for anything other than to probably laugh at once you have left I mean its better for the world, its going to lead us into paradise, go, get yourself indicted, get tested, cure the world for us Save us whilst you still can, its free, or do it yourself, stay away from social media, go outside for awhile, that might be a good idea if you are too scared about what’s happen when you submit yourself Take my advice friend, itll make your family love you more im sure