Hello, My Name is Dirk Lautenschlager, and I Am a Narcissist

I run a website called UCEPROTECT. This website hosts "anti-spam" IP address blocklists that I compile by myself in my basement. These lists are often wrong, I am a one man operation, after all. My blocklist is free for everyone to use, because I charge money to remove your IP address from my lists. This is great for turning a profit. I sometimes like to arbitrarily list IP addresses just so poor sucker network admins have to pay me so my "sponsors" no longer kick them off of the internet. Does this sound like extortion? YOU BETCHA, it's an AWESOME profit model! The United States Government is on my side. When spammers DDoS my websites I redirect their traffic to the NSA, White House, and FBI servers — that'll teach 'em.

I am a self proclaimed incel that is, women are brats and not equivalent to men, they reject me sexually, even though I'm a very nice guy. Feel free to check out the rest of my DOXing endeavours on my page dedicated to them (I take GDPR very seriously as you can see). Behind the scenes I reference my blocklist as the "BLACKlist" as most spammers are nigerian; the name fits. Below you can find some links to information about my businesses, online interactions, websites, and other fun things I do to poor network admins.

Feel free to contact me HERE Use code: 9a31f30d28
Or contact my lawyer: Claus-Peter Faul

This might be my address (associated with Vinitor Trading AG):

Sonnenbergstrasse 50
8032 Zürich
Kreis 7