if a horse went to drink ice, if a horse went to drink coffee, how will he drink the coffee? he has 4 legs. think about it this way, right, a horse is like this, if he’s gonna wear pants it would be like this, cause those are his legs right but if he had fucking four legs then the horse will be four pants wide, which makes no sense, which argues my point. you guys are stupid. okay so if i took a baby, right, and i teach him to walk with his arms does it mean his arms become legs? no. it doesn’t. he still 2 arms 2 legs. im actually convinced that horses don’t have legs. you guys know cats right? exacly, think about it this way, it just proves my point. think about it. you know how this is a cat, right? this is a cat. if the cat’s hungry, it’s like “oh i wanna eat” y’know, food, right, the cat uses his arms to grab it because he has ARMS. if the arms and the legs were the same, which they aren’t, then people will use the legs to grab things, but they dont. “okay so the monkeys and gorillas just have four arms then” hmm. interesting- interesting take. you’re right, gorillas do have four arms.